Which One Is Best for SEO Yoast Vs All in One?

While plugins cannot alone bring people to your WordPress sites, they are very helpful in making different SEO tasks easy. With an SEO plugin, it is easy for you to create the page title and meta description which are very important parameters for getting a better ranking. SEO plugins also do a variety of other tasks linked to improving your site's SEO. The 2 extensively used WordPress plugins for SEO are Yoast SEO plugin and All in One SEO plugin.

Knowing the Two Plugins

Michael Torbert and Steve Mortiboy are credited with the creation of the All In One SEO Pack. From the time the plugin was formed in 2007, the admirers have grown constantly and the plugin has been the most used one. Yoast was made in 2010 by Joost de Walk and it has undergone various improvements since its creation. The constant improvement chief contender for the All in One pack.

Both these have become the most sought-after SEO plugins for WordPress and have increased their fanbase. Both the plugins offer almost all the features that you will need for doing your SEO in the best manner and getting the best results. When there are two contenders, we must know which pack outdoes the other one.

Ease of Installing and Setting Up the Plugins

Learning and implementing the various aspects of SEO into a WordPress site is not easy. It requires a good amount of training and experience to do it well. An SEO plugin for WordPress is supposed to make implementing the SEO aspects easy even without much training. You don't know to need any special skills if you have a plugin. We must now understand how easy it is to install and set up the plugins themselves.

Installing the Yoast SEO Plugin

The process starts with the installation and activation of the plugin pack. After this, you can open the configuration wizard in the general of the dashboard section of the pack. The wizard makes it simple for the beginners to follow the process of setting up the pack and getting started quickly.

One of the main characteristics of the Yoast SEO plugin is that it is very powerful and offers many options. It makes sense to see this one by one carefully to familiarize yourself. It is not difficult to find your options because they are neatly arranged in different pages. You also get on-screen help with videos and text tutorials for various options. All these make setting up the Yoast SEO pack on your WordPress site very easy.


Setting Up the All in One Pack

The starting of the installation process is the same as in Yoast. You must activate the pack before you can start the setting up of the plugin. When you click on the SEO menu under the dashboard you will be taken to the settings page. All the settings are on one page. Beginners may sometimes find this a little confusing, but some people opine that this is easier because everything is available on the same page.

The different sections in the settings page will allow you to set up a different section or feature. There are homepage settings, display settings, and title settings. Each of the options has a help button beside it. You can find a description of what the option is about and what it will do. Wherever require you are directed to additional information about the feature. Beginners find this method quite easy to understand and continue with the setting up of the plugin.

Who Is the Winner in Installation and Set Up?

There are multiple options in both the plugins. This can make it a little overwhelming for beginners. Both Yoast and All in One try to make it easy for the user by giving descriptions and tutorials. However, the multiple page style of arranging the options make it a little easier for users to configure the plugin. This makes Yoast SEO pack the clear winner when it comes to installation and setting up.

Performing the Daily SEO Tasks

SEO is not a one-time process. It has to be continuous if you want to stay in your top position on the search results page. As you keep adding content you must optimize it for the search engine. Adding content is one of the main requirements for getting a better ranking from the search engines. This means that you will use SEO tools daily. We must see whether it is Yoast or All in One which is better for performing the daily SEO tasks.

Daily Tasks with Yoast SEO Pack

Optimizing content is the most important thing in SEO. Yoast allows you to do this in the best manner with tools that analyze every page or post on your website. You can open the Yoast dialogue box with a preview of the snippet, the keywords in focus and a review of your content. You can change the title and the focus keywords using this meta box. Changing this will make the plugin analyze as per the changed details and give you the SEO score. You can also insert your social media images using this dialogue box.

All in One SEO Pack

All in One also has a similar dialogue box that opens below your content. But this one is simpler than the Yoast dialogue box. The description and title can be edited in this box. But All in One doesn’t provide analysis of content or score for the SEO. A unique feature that this pack has is the option to switch on or off the indexing by search engines of a particular page or post. For your social media management, you have to enable it on the features page.

Which One Is the Winner?

Yoast certainly scores much better in this parameter as it doesn’t wait for you to select the options. It opens the necessary items without your having to select them. The content analysis, SEO scoring and focus keywords options are a great help. Yoast certainly is the winner in this aspect.

Helpful Features for You

We must see what other features these two plugins are providing apart from the dialogue box that analyzes your page. Plugins must avoid the need for you to install additional plugins for different features. There are many extra features and additional tools that these plugins offer. This is what makes the plugins a complete package.

Extra Features in Yoast

This pack has almost everything that you need for the on-site optimization of your website. Some of the features that you find in Yoast are as below:

  • Sitemap for XML
  • Breadcrumb Navigation
  • Open Graph Meta Tags
  • Facility to Import data from Webmaster tools Google
  • Robots.txt & .htaccess Editor
  • Import & Export of SEO Data

Tools in All in One Pack

This plugin also comes with many tools that are very useful in your SEO tasks. But all the tools are not activated automatically. You must go to the features manager to get them activated:

  • XML sitemap
  • Robots.txt
  • File Editor
  • Blocker for Bad Bot
  • Open Graph Meta Tags
  • SEO Data Import & Export
  • Performance Manager

The Winner

As far as the extra tools are concerned by the plugins to offer almost similar features and are enough to help you with your SEO tasks. There are some which are not available in one or the other. But that doesn't make much of an impact on your work. The facility to activate only what you need is a good initiative by All In One. The verdict for this one is a tie.

What Are the Addons And Supports Available?

Ease of use is good in both plugins and there is adequate free documentation available for the users. However, when it comes to free support there are limited options. Let us see the score for both plugins.


Support for Yoast

There is hardly any support for the package that you use, but WordPress support forums can help you. You must pay for any additional support from Yoast. Some paid plugins may be useful. You have Video SEO, Local SEO, and New SEO.

Addons For All in One

The free pack doesn't offer you any support while the paid Pro pack offers support. You can buy a license for one year. There is support for video XML sitemap, WooCommerce products, and Category SEO options.

The Winner

All in One provides one paid pack for all features and unlimited sites. For the Yoast support, you pay higher for each higher version. For this reason, All in One is the winner in this category.

Who Is the Overall Winner?

Just because of the excellent content analysis features which are of great help to beginners Yoast SEO has an edge over the All In One pack. But both the SEO Singapore packs have great features.