Ranking SEO Services

Pick the Right Keywords for Optimizing Your Website

I think most businesses don't need to be explained what SEO is. Almost all the companies today perform search engine optimization on their websites so that they can get the best out of the online marketing efforts. SEO is a set of activities that combine to make your websites suitable to be ranked high by the search engines. Though there have been many changes in the way SEO is done and the parameters used by Google to rank a website, there is one thing that has remained the same. The importance of keywords. From the beginning using the right keywords has been very important to get the SEO done properly. Even today, finding the right keywords is one of the crucial aspects of SEO in Singapore.

Understanding Keywords and Their Importance for SEO In Singapore

We know keywords as the set of words that are used by someone to search for their needs on the internet. These sets of words will tell the search engine what the user is looking for and help it find the relevant content from the internet. Ideally, the keywords that the user feeds must also be the same ones that describe the content on your web page. This will tell the search engine that your content will satisfy the user well. But it is not always the same as the words used can vary with different users and different times.

If you want Google to rank you on top of the search results page for a particular set of words, your content must match these. This is where keywords have such great importance. The SEO service provider must research the internet and find out which keywords are most used to search for products that you sell. Based on this, the company will optimize your content to match the words. Only if you know what the customer wants, you can alter your contents to answer their requirements. Google will try to find a website that will answer the user accurately.

The Relevance of Keyword Research in The Present Scenario

There are some doubts about whether keyword research is still relevant as the search criteria and methods have changed. But keyword research is not used in the way it was in earlier days. In the earlier days of SEO, it was enough to find the keywords and populate your content with it. You can be sure of getting the top ranking by the search engines. But the scenario has changed and Google doesn't just look at the number of times the keywords appear. Google now punishes you for unnecessary stuffing of keywords.

Google has now changed the search algorithms in such a way that it tries to find content that will answer what the user wants to find instead of just having the same keywords. The way keywords are used by people has also changed. In voice searches, people often use proper sentences to search for their needs as it is easy to talk that way. Google tries to satisfy the user by bringing up the answer box where similar questions are answered. So today it is not enough to optimize for the set of words but also for similar phrases that will seek the same answer.

Keyword Types and What They Mean

When a company doing SEO in Singapore is looking at keywords it will look at different types of keywords. There are short, medium and long-tail keywords. These types represent the specificity of the search being done. Short keywords are usually limited to one or two words. These will be general. It is like typing "t-shirts" in the search engine. The results will be in thousands, to say the least. The next stage is the medium keywords where there will be an adjective to the searched item. It can be "red t-shirts". Here the results will be lesser than the first search.

The third type is most useful for SEO because it will add more specialization to the search being made and will have fewer results. The long-tail keywords help in reducing the competition that you have when it comes to the number of results. Using these will give you a better chance of appearing at the top of the search results page. Using the above example "red long-sleeved t-shirts" will add more specificity to the search. While the user gets a better result with the long-tail keywords, optimizing these keywords will get a better chance of ranking high.

Another type of keywords is semantic keywords. These keywords will optimize for Latent Semantic Indexing where the context is also provided for getting better results. If you are optimizing the website for these keywords your content will be more relevant to the search and will have better reach.