2021 best Guide For Multilingual and Multiregional SEO

Search Engine Optimization is always underwork when considering different practices and techniques to master it. For any blog or website, or business, it's important to target as much audience as possible because this leads to better sales, business growth, and improved visibility on search engines. Here comes the term International SEO onto the surface, which entails everything you do to make your website optimized for a specific country and its users.

This guide will explain what Core Web Vitals basically is and how it can influence your rankings.

In this blog, we will be summarizing all the latest SEO multilingual and multiregional techniques to land in the prospects that you have always wished for.

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What Is a Multilingual Website?

Before delving into the nitty-gritty of various SEO techniques, let's break the ice with the obvious. A multilingual website has its content in different languages. The content can be the same but is targeted to audiences of different realms.

For instance, if you want to target fashion audiences from the UK and France, you can tailor your content to be in French and English. This ensures that you can deal with all of your prospects in a very adequate and fulfilling way, without leaving one behind the other.

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What Is a Multiregional Website?

A multiregional website targets an audience in more than one region. For instance, a food production company may want to address the food preferences of people from both Canada and the USA. It is done by using numerous SEO techniques, all of which we will discuss in this blog.

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Know What Are You Targeting

Before you get hands-on with any of the discussed SEO techniques, you should know everything about your target audience. This is because different regions have different languages, which could vary in terms of dialects and formats. Moreover, things like timezone and date formats also differ from region to region; thus, you need to identify all of this before tailoring your content and making it region-friendly.

Google looks for the content language to identify your target audience. Therefore, you can not simply ignore these menial but essential things.

How to Manage Multilingual Versions of Your Site?

The first thing you should do is have different URLs for different versions of the same page. This ensures that it's easy for the crawler to find all of your page versions when looking for search results, in line with the location where a search is done.

Secondly, you need to clearly state the language in the website's code while also letting the user redirect to a different language version based on his need. However, do not make the mistake of automating the redirect as it can prevent him from viewing all possible versions of the page.

How to Manage a Multi-Regional Site?

The key to managing a multi-regional site is to ensure that your site is easy to search and find. This means even when you are getting traffic from various regions, you can still optimize your website for visibility in the top ranks and win the outcomes you want. Moreover, it also includes knowing and adhering to distinct administrative and regional rules.

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What Is Geotargeting?

Geotargeting is a way to make your website region-friendly. It can be done using multiple methods, all of which can assemble to yield your desired results.

  • Region-specific URLs: you can use region-specific URLs to improve your chances of being shown by the search engine
  • Identify Page-level: Sitemaps can help the search engine know the entire architecture of your website and identify location-specific pages
  • Site Level: Google lets you target specific regions in its settings. For instance, if you are targeting food lovers in the USA, you can choose it as your location and your site will be showcased on the results of numerous Americans

ccTLD and Webmaster Tools Geotargeting

ccTLD is a proven and tested way to geo-target your website for a particular region. Although it comes with some challenges, it is a productive way to reach out to as many people as possible.

GEotargeting is another practical and effective way to do precisely that. You can use it by going onto the Webmaster homepage, clicking on site configuration, moving into settings, and selecting the Geographic target section option.

Duplicate Content and International Sites

Sometimes, one website owner may create multiple versions of the same page in different languages and regions. Although it is an excellent way to target various regions, it can lead to problems too. One of the problems is the fact that every page may contain a distinct URL. This is known as Content Duplication.

This can quickly be resolved by redirecting from a source page, which you may recognize as the preferred version. In some cases, you may very well like to tend towards the Hreflang attribute to ensure that your user is given the correct URL to search for.

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Use of Subdomains or Directories

A subdivision divides your website content and assigns it a unique identity. It is used primarily when your site content becomes too extensive to be put in a single place and requires to be considered separately but part of the main website at the same time.

For example, if your website has a particular URL looking like this:, its subdomain may be

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Is Your Website Server Location a Factor?

For the longest time, it has been conceived that the closer a server is to a user, the greater the chances of excellent SEO performance are. However, this is nothing more than a mere misconception. Reality is far off from this!

In the real world, it is far better to host your site on a server that offers better performance than one nearer to your desired audience. Moreover, the use of CDN to distribute servers across vast locations is also a good and recommended way to cater to as many people as possible.

When to Use an Hreflang tag?

An Hreflang tag is used to showcase the relationship between different versions of the same page present on the internet. It must be used when you want to have multiple language versions of the same content and wish to target a multiregional or multilingual audience.

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